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SDS Reports


Service Dispatch Systems has developed powerful (and meaningful) reports that pinpoint all areas requiring your attention, from one end of your business to the other. The list of reports is continually growing, data can be viewed on-screen, printed, or stored as PDFs to email.

SDS Dispatch Screen 1
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Employee productivity needs to be measured objectively. All relevant factors of a technician's performance are brought together in one place. Too many call backs? Command Post 3000 tells you.. Average travel speed much slower than his co-workers? You'll know. Command Post 3000 empowers you to correct problems and make sure they stay corrected.
SDS Dispatch Screen 1
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Command Post 3000 uses color-coding to track technician performance in each job category. Notice that the rectangles along the bottom are colored differently. Orange signifies a warning condition, while Red signifies a serious problem. The jobs the mechanic did that created his rating appear on the bottom list, and can be double-clicked to examine them. Mitigating factors might exonerate the technician — or maybe not!
SDS Dispatch Screen 1
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The Employee Productivity Report breaks down the technician's performance for every job type and trade. The gray circles, like orange on the screen, signals a warning situation, while a solid circle requires management attention.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Payable Reports
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As the system evolves, the reporting power of the accounting modules continues to grow. Service Dispatch System does, in fact, "take requests" for industry-specific reports that enhance the power of the Command Post 3000 built-in suite of accounting tools, and prioritizes them alongside its in-house list of desirable reports that are continually under development.
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