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Command Post 3000
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SDS Command Post 3000 Dispatch Schedule
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SDS Command Post 3000 Flat Rate Global HVAC Percentage Change
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"The incentives built into the Command Post 3000 flat rate and time & material books motivate me to deliver 110% on the job, because they create a win-win-win situation for the customer, the company, and for me. The Command Post 3000 dispatch engine is so efficient that arranging and distributing service calls by reducing drive times, my co-workers and I can often fit in an entire extra job a day without going into overtime. My performance is evaluated objectively, which means I'm rewarded for focusing on the job and on no other basis. "

Sure, every company is different. But Command Post 3000 still gives my boss exactly what he wants, which, in his case, is a complete printout of my morning schedule. He likes to keep the afternoon open, rather than committing to a schedule prematurely. Except for the guys who deliver media filters all day long: those guys get a nice long, mileage-optimized list of calls for their drop-offs. You can see my morning schedule at the left, which my boss is previewing before printing it out and handing it to me before I get on the road. The software makes sure my route is the shortest possible, which means I can usually fit one or two extra calls in per day just in time saved by not driving excessive (and unproductive) miles.

When I work on a Flat Rate basis, the several disbursement funds that are set up for me are being continually filled bit by bit, so that I am able to access those monies for additional training, tools, even insurance and vacation. I'm fortunate my company uses Flat Rate pricing, but even if we used Time & Material pricing, Command Post 3000 would be there to keep us profitable and me on the road, making efficient use of my time and our companys' resources.
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