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SDS Dispatch Screen 2
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"Not only am I the link between the service mechanics and service manager, I also interact with our customers. I can't send information up the line and commands down the line without knowing the precise situation in the field, and Service Dispatch Systems has provided me the tools to stay informed of problems the moment they develop, whether they involve a customer or one of my mechanics. This system protects me from flying blind, which means I'll make far fewer errors in judgement as I assist the service manager."

Believe it or not, I get virtually all my information from just this one window (to the left). I roll my mouse over each call to understand what's expected at each customer site. If I see a call acquire a slowly-blinking yellow border, I know it's running behind and the "tardy alert," which I've configured at 15 minutes over schedule, has been triggered. Then I can determine how best to react to the situation, or if it needs my response at all. I can move calls from one mechanic or another, inserting them at any legitimate point on the dispatch board (including between other calls). Pushing jobs over to the next day is pretty common when things get busy, but I'm able to contact the customers and make the necessary arrangements without ever leaving my dispatch window. It doesn't get much easier than this.

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