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Command Post 3000
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SDS Command Post 3000 Lead Tracking
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SDS Command Post 3000 Salesman's Flat Rate Book
SDS Command Post 3000 Flat Rate Report Designer
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"My value to the team becomes obvious when off-season revenues drop, and Command Post 3000's value to me becomes obvious when it generates leads off its customer lists, construction records, and service contracts while directing our advertising dollars to the best producers of leads. The lead tracking system helps me qualify a lead quickly, track follow-up, and let me and my superiors know how productive I am. The flat rate sales book helps me generate accurate, profitable bids in minutes, and the reporting system uses job costing upon completion as feedback to fine tune the system to improve my close ratios."

The kind of tools that Command Post 3000 provides me definitely boost my productivity, and the best part is, the boss knows it, because he can see it on the bottom line. He's more than happy to pay me my commissions when I'm able to keep his men busy regardless of the season. Of course, I don't sell jobs at my price, but at the prices set by the boss, to ensure profitability. If I think he's not being competitive, we can discuss making changes to how the Flat Rate and Time & Material books are configured, but he always has the last word, because he alone has a handle on where the profit margin has to be.

But the ability to print such professional-looking books on demand is really the key to the kind of "guerilla marketing" that marks the business landscape in the 21st century. The sales manager and I go over all the details of the books, which are printed on special pre-printed papers that we buy from Service Dispatch Systems, with gorgeous blue/yellow covers where I imprint our company's name and logo. Sometimes we use the same book for months, but on other occasions we might find ourselves printing new copies every week or so to accommodate shifting business realities.

The effectiveness of each of our sales tools is accurately measured by Command Post 3000, which tells us whether we're spending our advertising dollars wisely or not. That means a lot to me, because money thrown down the wrong advertising drain is money that could have been used to drum up new customers and new business for me. Weeding out all ineffective use of our sales dollars is one of the most important functions that Service Dispatch Systems has endowed their program with.
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