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Command Post 3000
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"I can't make proper command decisions unless I can get an up-to-the-minute assessment of my company's condition that's both accurate and meaningful. How does Command Post 3000 take the guess work out of strategic decision-making?"

Followup: The followup screen tracks everything that demands attention, from lead tracking, service call follow-up, late deliveries from suppliers, employee evaluation dates for followup.


SDS Flash Substitute
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The Commander is password-protected so that the Owner holds all the keys and determines who gets to see what portions of the business.

SDS Command Post 3000 Commander Status
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In every contracting business, one of the most difficult decisions that an owner makes is how to spend his money. For instance, how much cash do I have to put down on a vehicle? Can I safely act when an opportunity pops up to buy in bulk? Where do I stand financially today? It is critical to understand your accounts payable and accounts receivable landscape, and to know at a flash exactly where your company stands that minute. Command Post 3000's approach is every owner's or manager's dream. Decisions will be based on accurate figures because this system informs you concerning the number of calls that came in today, the number of checks written, and the payables that are owed. The owner can control every aspect of his computer system while barring access to unauthorized users poking around in the system. Command Post 3000 leaves no part of your business in the dark.

SDS Dispatch Screen 1
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Employee productivity needs to be measured objectively, and not left to biased (and inaccurate) assessment. All relevant factors of a technician's performance are brought together in one place, and can be printed out in report form (where it becomes a powerful tool in your hands to ensure the right people are being commended or corrected). Too many call backs? Command Post 3000 tells you exactly how many a technician had for that month, quarter, or year. Average travel speed much slower than his co-workers? A good indication that he's doing something other than getting to the next job site with your trucks. This is one of the most valuable reports included in the Command Post 3000 system, empowering you to get to the bottom of a problem, correct it, and make sure it stays corrected.
SDS Dispatch Screen 1
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Command Post 3000 uses powerful color-coding to track technician performance in each job category. You'll notice that this screen differs from the one above: the rectangles along the bottom are colored differently. Orange signifies a warning condition, while Red signifies a serious situation. The jobs the mechanic did that created his rating appear on the bottom list, and can be double-clicked to bring them on-screen to double-check what's going on. Mitigating factors might exonerate the technician — or maybe not! But you know instantly when performance is not meeting expectations.
SDS Dispatch Screen 2
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Of course, you can always "look over your manager's shoulders" and see what they're tracking on their dispatch boards, since you have the highest authority on the system and can keep your eye on how they're doing.

You'll be able to assign leads to the appropriate sales personnel if that's a decision you reserve to yourself; otherwise, that task would fall to your sales manager (subject to your review!).

SDS Dispatch Screen 1
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Command Post 3000 automatically tracks tasks that haven't been done yet, but need to be. You set the interval between alarms, and the appropriate users will have a yellow follow-up window pop-up on their screens letting them know what items are in danger of falling through the cracks. If the user decides to ignore the follow-up warning, that fact is logged with a date and time stamp and the user's name. This system prevents time-sensitive items from being overlooked — and holds users accountable who ignore those items. Customer service AND user responsibility gets a shot in the arm.

SDS Command Post 3000 Flat Rate Global HVAC Percentage Change
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Your Flat Rate sales book gives you immediate costing of every job as soon as it is completed. These costs are developed by you so you predetermine the percentages of overhead and profit you're looking to get. The Flat Rate salesman's book gives your salesmen the tools to sell at YOUR price. You have the power to adjust your rates to respond to seasonal or economic conditions to maximize profit.

SDS Command Post 3000: Customer Screen
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The Command Post 3000 customer window provides complete command and control of your customer information and progress reporting at the touch of a key. It lists the nearest mechanics by mileage and time of nearest approach to the customer you're currently viewing. Most of the details of the site's service history information are right in front of you to consult while you're speaking with your customer. You're no more than one click away from seeing his service contract history, installed equipment information, and accounts receivable information. The dispatcher knows the aged receivables status prior to sending mechanics to the site. The system controls lead tracking on all your customers.

SDS Command Post 3000: Customer Screen
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Command Post 3000 provides the dispatcher with the ability to walk a mechanic through difficult routes to customer locations using accurate drive directions and displays map routes from one customer to another. The system automatically fills in page and grid coordinates for any map used by your company. You can zoom in and zoom out and scroll the map in any direction for enhanced control dispatch control. In combination with its powerful automatic dispatching and the real-time "closest mechanics" lists, Command Post 3000 improves dispatching efficiency by 20%-30% efficiency over competitive systems.

SDS Command Post 3000 Install Contract Screen
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With most installation companies, getting costing and sales commissions paid on a timely basis is hampered by the lack or tardiness of material coming in from the field, coupled with poor communication between salespeople, the office, and the field staff. Tracking begins in the salesman's flat rate book, which generates the estimate and the breakdown for the system. All material is printed and relayed to the construction manager with a complete inventory and equipment breakdown. A flat rate job number is assigned to every new system, which is then pulled from existing jobs and tweaked to meet the needs of that individual customer. Using the job number permits immediate costing, which pays the salesman, pays the mechanics, pulls stock from inventory, and gives the owner an immediate breakdown of profit. You often encounter jobs you regretted taking on, but with this system that should only happen once, because it can identify and eliminate jobs that aren't costed properly, while preventing your salesmen from being either underpaid or overpaid. This only scratches the surface of how Command Post 3000 puts control back in your hands.

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