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Command Post 3000
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"Service Dispatch Systems provides the kind of quality tools I can rely on to manage day-to-day operations smoothly. Their integrated human resources management systems is so powerful that I can control every aspect of my department with ease."
SDS Command Post 3000 Employee Attendance
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Command Post 3000 has a powerful human resources management tool built right in. The office manager who has to handle human resources will appreciate how easy it is to use even a powerful system like this. Schedules, vacations, sick days, payroll, commissions — all come together in one place in this program.
SDS Command Post 3000 Find Customer Screen
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If the office manager oversees the handling of incoming calls, the high-speed design of Command Post 3000 comes to the forefront. Getting to a customer in a matter of mere seconds and getting a quick glance at the immediately preceding site history is worth its weight in gold to the operators who deal with your customer base. Every action of every system user is logged, so that credit — or blame — is assigned and the appropriate response is made.
SDS Command Post 3000 Customer Search by Address
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To the left are three consecutive images illustrating how quickly I can get to a customer entry inside Command Post 3000. I'm set up to search by addresses (although there are nearly a dozen search options to choose from). When I type the number 4, I instantly see all addresses that start with a 4 (first image); when my finger hits the "1" key a split second later, I see all the addresses that begin with "41," and when I hit the final digit, 6, I'm at the actual customer I'm looking for — all in about one-half second. No one searches through a huge list of customers faster than Command Post 3000 does, which makes me look very good indeed to our customers — and to my boss.
SDS Command Post 3000 Find Customer
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The office manager knows when system users log in and out, putting punctuality on an objective basis.
SDS Command Post 3000: Customer Screen
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The Command Post 3000 customer window provides complete command and control of your customer information and progress reporting at the touch of a key. It lists the nearest mechanics by mileage and time of nearest approach to the customer you're currently viewing. Most of the details of the site's service history information are right in front of you to consult while you're speaking with your customer. You're no more than one click away from seeing his service contract history, installed equipment information, and accounts receivable information. The dispatcher knows the aged receivables status prior to sending mechanics to the site. The system controls lead tracking on all your customers.
SDS Command Post 3000 Customer Equipment
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Getting a handle on warranty status and equipment aging is the key to tracking future leads and potential service calls during slow seasons.You have a complete listing on your customers' installed equipment, which is critical during ordering of material or parts for your them. You can save them money and increase your sales. The system allows you to insert pictures of the installed equipment as a historic record of its condition, which defuses heated fingerpointing as to the original state of the equipment.
SDS Command Post 3000 Find Customer Screen
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When you click Add Call while viewing a customer file, you reach the Service Call window, which is probably the most critical window for your service and installation departments. The five dropdown windows break out the call according to company-specific criteria — and then separately tracks the calls under each heading that you define.This provides an extensive and detailed breakdown in your accounting department, while showing management precisely how profitable each individual function of your company really is. The "nearest mechanics" listing is included, as well as a preferred mechanics listing (which the automatic dispatching system will enforce). Calls are identified by time of day, priority, complexity, existence & expiration dates of maintenance contracts, and expandable notes. Freon reporting starts here and then routes to the employee's productivity report. Created calls instantly appear on the customer windows with current status, so you don't have to drill down here to know what's going on.



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