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Command Post 3000
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SDS Command Post 3000 Flat Rate Global HVAC Percentage Change
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SDS Command Post 3000 Service Productivity Reports
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"The Command Post 3000 system generates work orders that are so clear and comprehensive, there is no confusion over what's expected of me. I know what to do, how much time has been allocated for it, and whether I'm working by time & material or piecework. Employee productivity reports make it impossible to hide poor work habits from management, but those reports are my best protection against management prejudice or favoritism because they provide the only honest basis for bonuses and promotions when I'm performing my duties well. The flat rate system directs a percentage of each job to separate funds for my tools, continued training, insurance, and vacation, which are updated weekly. The rewards go only to worthy individuals, which is a boost to company morale."

Clean, clear, accurate work orders that are tied to the appropriate floorplan and construction phase are the key to smooth installations. There's nothing worse than having the wrong inventory on the truck (unless it's installing the wrong inventory at the site!). Full accountability at the front-end means I don't spin my wheels on a site.

When the boss calls me into his office to go over my employee productivity report, I pretty much know what to expect, because the report always reflects my work habits and quality consciousness accurately. There's no where to hide if I'm slacking off, but if I'm doing a great job, there's no way the boss can hide from that, either. The system ensures that I get recognized for top caliber work, and properly rewarded for it at the appropriate time.
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