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Command Post 3000
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"The designers at Service Dispatch Systems must have read my mind, because their system is exactly what I need to bring the job in on time and on budget. The individual phases (rough-in, trim-out, etc.) are broken down in detail so that I can control the material and allocate the correct manpower to each phase. I'm warned when vendor delays occur so I can reschedule my men elsewhere. Since the system informs me how well employees meet estimated labor hours, I know whether to hand out raises or reprimands based on undisputed, cold hard facts."
SDS Coomand Post Customer Screen
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As each phase of a construction project is entered, the button for it turns red. The current phase is always easy to see at a glance, and the system is smart enough to warn me if I'm duplicating a phase that's already been entered. Completed phases turn gold type on blue background. Which phases we use are determined in the Commander by my boss. He configures it, and I'm off running.

SDS Command Post 3000 Commander: Floor Plans
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When the floorplans for each builder are defined, the options set up, and the correct inventory items applied to each phase, the generation of accurate work orders becomes automatic, which makes my job simpler than ever. The inventory is correctly deducted for the phase of construction I'm in, and I know whether it's on the right truck the morning that my crews go out on the road. In the rare event my men make an error, there's no question who's at fault, so finger-pointing is a thing of the past.

SDS Command Post 3000 Construction Stage Configuration
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Proper labor-loading for each of the construction phases is something my boss, the Construction Supervisor, sets up. If I see that his estimates aren't cutting it, I let him know what kind of adjustments are needed to make for a more realistic dispatching environment. He appreciates my feedback, and I see the adjustments ripple through the system as soon as he gets back to his desk to make them. Between the two of us, we're able to get a predictable handle on this entire division of our company using the tools that Command Post 3000 provides us.

SDS Command Post 3000 Customer Equipment
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Getting a handle on warranty status and equipment aging is the key to tracking future leads and potential service calls during slow seasons.You have a complete listing on your customers' installed equipment, which is critical during ordering of material or parts for your them. You can save them money and increase your sales. The system allows you to insert pictures of the installed equipment as a historic record of its condition, which defuses heated fingerpointing as to the original state of the equipment.

SDS Command Post 3000 Install Contract Screen
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With most installation companies, getting costing and sales commissions paid on a timely basis is hampered by the lack or tardiness of material coming in from the field, coupled with poor communication between salespeople, the office, and the field staff. Tracking begins in the salesman's flat rate book, which generates the estimate and the breakdown for the system. All material is printed and relayed to the construction manager with a complete inventory and equipment breakdown. A flat rate job number is assigned to every new system, which is then pulled from existing jobs and tweaked to meet the needs of that individual customer. Using the job number permits immediate costing, which pays the salesman, pays the mechanics, pulls stock from inventory, and gives the owner an immediate breakdown of profit. You often encounter jobs you regretted taking on, but with this system that should only happen once, because it can identify and eliminate jobs that aren't costed properly, while preventing your salesmen from being either underpaid or overpaid. This only scratches the surface of how Command Post 3000 puts control back in your hands.


SDS Command Post 3000 Install Contract Screen
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It's easy to take an existing inventory listing for one floor plan and clone it to another floorplan that's similar. Then simply make any adjustments. No need to re-invent the wheel each time, or key everything from scratch when a new floor plan has been delivered to you by the builder.

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